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Lake Waldo Postcard at Zazzle

Planning to move, would it be nice to tell your friends and relatives with a beautiful landscape postcard created by the talented MistyRose Photography at her Zazzle gallery.
4.25″ x 5.6″ (portrait) or 5.6″ x 4.25″ (landscape).
Printed on ultra-heavyweight (120 lb.) card stock with a gloss finish. No minimum order. Get custom stamps to match!
Postage rate for a postcard is $0.32

We have Moved Postcard
We have Moved Postcard by MistyRosePhotography
See more Landscape Postcards at zazzle.com

Simple Ways to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

While cleaning up my bookshelves, I found this worthwhile article on how to keep cool in hot weather.

Draw the draperies and shades on the dog days of summer or consider installing an awning on a south or west-facing window.  It is most effective to block heat outside the glass.

A window that rattles is a window that lets in hot air.  Seal it with weather-stripping for a cool payoff now and cozy one in winter.

Install dimmer switches on as many lights in the house as you can.  Soft, diffused light is physiologically and physically cooler than bright light.

The sound of splashing water is both soothing and cooling.  Consider buying a small recirculating fountain to place in a room you spend a lot of time in.

Cool from the inside out by keeping a frosty pitcher of ice water or lemonade in the fridge.  Drop a few berries or sliced citrus in it for color and a subtle flavor.

Let a just-picked or purchased watermelon sit on the coldest shelf  in the fridge for at least eight hours.  Slice it into thick wedges and host a family seed-spitting contest in the backyard.

Cook a main dish such as chicken or poached fish early in the cool of the morning to serve later in the heat of the day. 

Backyard Bounty Poster

I enjoy taking still life photo of fruit and vegetables. Arranging them to make an interesting subject for still life photography. All were harvested from my organic garden.

Patriotic Berry Tart

Having a 4th July celebration, why not serve your family and friends with this delightful fruit tart dessert.

Prep:  15 minutes       Bake:  at 350F for 15 minutes     Makes 9 servings

20 pecan shortbread cookies, crushed (about 1 3/4 cups)

2 tablespoons butter, melted

1  package (3.4 ounces) instant lemon pudding and pie filling

1 cup milk

2 packages (half pint each) fresh raspberries

2 packages (half pint each) fresh blueberries

2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar

Heat oven to 350F.  combine crumbs, butter and 2 tablespoons water in a medium-size bowl.  Toss with a fork to moisten.  Press onto bottom and up sides of a 9 inch square tart pan.

Bake crust at 350F for 15 minutes, until fragrant and edges begin to brown.  Cool in pan on a wire rack.

While the crust cools, prepare the filling in a medium-size-bowl, whisk together instant lemon pudding and milk until smooth.  Refrigerate until crust is cool.

Spread lemon pudding on crust.  Place 6 berries in a star-shaped pattern on filling.  Using one berry as center and five as star points.  Repeat for 4 “stars” total.  Liberally coat with confectioners’ fill in with blueberries.  Slice into squares and serve.

Enjoy !

Recipe, Family Circle

Bird of Paradise

A  bird of paradise flower with a dark background make a perfect image for a mousepad.  You can find this at Zazzle.

Night, by Elie Wiesel

My review,

This was the hardest book I ever read.  Despair, despondent, fear, hopelessness shown on those people faces. What a harrowing journey all of them had to endure. The saddest part was, the author had to witness his father demise. Anyone who want to know about holocaust should read this book.


Book Review

Night is Elie Wiesel’s masterpiece, a candid, horrific, and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps. This new translation by Marion Weisel, Elie’s wife and frequent translator, presents this seminal memoir in the language and spirit truest to the author’s original intent. And in the substantive new preface, Elie Wiesel reflects on the enduring importance of Night and his lifelong, passionate dedication to ensuring that the world never forgets man capacity for inhumanity to man.

Night offers much more than a litany of the daily terrors, everyday perversions, and rampant sadism at Auschwitz and Buchenwald; it also eloquently addresses many of the philosophical as well as personal questions implicit in any serious consideration of what the Holocaust was, what it meant, and what its legacy is and will be.


A delicious dish I made so many times. I served with risotto sprinkle with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, green salad and a glass of wine. If risotto is not your liking spaghetti or fettuccine as the recipe suggested.

2 pounds chicken breasts, legs and thighs
Salt and pepper

1 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 clove garlic, minced

1 large onion, chopped

1 large green pepper, seeded and chopped

1 canned whole pimento, chopped

1 1-pound can whole tomatoes, drained and coarsely chopped

1 tablespoon tomato paste

1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano leaves or 1 teaspoon dried

1 tablespoon chopped fresh marjoram leaves or 1 teaspoon dried

1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme, or 1 teaspoon dried

1 cup dry red wine

2 cups sliced mushrooms

1/2 pound spaghetti or fettuccine, cooked and drained

Dredge chicken pieces in mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Melt butter with olive oil in large heavy skillet. Stir in garlic and cook briefly before adding chicken pieces. Brown chicken on one side, then turn meat and add onion and green pepper. Cook until chicken is browned and vegetables are tender. Stir in pimento, tomatoes, tomato paste, oregano, marjoram, thyme and wine. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer over low heat 45 minutes. Add mushrooms and simmer about 30 minutes longer, until chicken is very tender. Served with hot spaghetti 0r risotto.  Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese if desired.

Makes 4 to 6 servings

Bon Appetit !