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Forget-Me-Not Flora

Created by talented MistyRose Photography a beautiful card of an American flag with forget-me-not flower for Memorial Day card. Inside card “Remembering our loved one on this special
day,  With our best wishes”

Memorial Day Card


Summer Harvest

Gardening for me is a joy as well as photography.    When harvesting comes around, I have my camera in hand and took plenty of  still life images which I uploaded to my on-line Zazzle gallery.  I love those different colors from the vegetables so fresh and delectable.

Garden Bounty Blank Card card
Garden Bounty Blank Card by MistyRosePhotography
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Transplanted  many vegetable seedlings grown in the greenhouse. Lettuce, carrot (sowed direct into the ground), collard, kale, Swiss chard, corn, pumpkin, potato, beet, summer squash, tomato and leek. The garden is doing great. 

I harvested several zucchini. Right away I made zucchini chocolate cake. It is always a joy to be able to harvest from your own garden and cook with the vegetable that you grow yourself.

Gardening is a good exercise for body and mind. Regardless how big or small your garden is.


Delightful harvested vegetable and berries from the garden.


Pumpkins and winter squash galore harvested from riosamba’s organic garden.


Funky, crunchy carrots made this a unique skateboard.

Bird of Paradise

A  bird of paradise flower with a dark background make a perfect image for a mousepad.  You can find this at Zazzle.