A worthwhile journey

Riosamba's Journal

After waiting for many years, I decided to take my citizenship.  First of course social security then I apply for my green card before becoming citizenship after I was married.

The path to citizenship is five year, but I waited for 23 years.   I thought it is the right time to apply.  Went online to download application at their immigration and naturalization site.  Ten pages with many questions which I filled.

Next day I mailed the forms with payment, not after,  within a week a large envelope arrived with next instructions, a literature learning about the United States (a quick civic lessons) included a CD.  Also copy of the Oath of Allegiance and pledge of Allegiance to the flag.   All have to read/learn within 6 month.  I went straight to it which I did until my brain felt bulging with so many information to absorb.

My husband helped…

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