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Random Act of Kindness

Riosamba's Journal

Hot, humid a typical tropical weather. Which I do not mind leaving behind for another year or two. Our father could not travel with us to Switzerland because of his business. So this means we have to return to our boarding school alone.

My sister thirteen and I fifteen travelling by ourselves with little pocket-money in hand. Father said we did not need much as we are going to arrived in Rome then a connecting flight to Geneva. He never imagine that an emergency would arise in our journey.

Father drove us to the airport, checked us in with KLM Dutch airline. After all is done, we said good byes and promised as soon as we arrived at school we will write. Sad to leave our parents, also happy to be back at our boarding school.

In the late 60’s certainly jumbo jets are not around yet. I recalled it…

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A worthwhile journey

Riosamba's Journal

After waiting for many years, I decided to take my citizenship.  First of course social security then I apply for my green card before becoming citizenship after I was married.

The path to citizenship is five year, but I waited for 23 years.   I thought it is the right time to apply.  Went online to download application at their immigration and naturalization site.  Ten pages with many questions which I filled.

Next day I mailed the forms with payment, not after,  within a week a large envelope arrived with next instructions, a literature learning about the United States (a quick civic lessons) included a CD.  Also copy of the Oath of Allegiance and pledge of Allegiance to the flag.   All have to read/learn within 6 month.  I went straight to it which I did until my brain felt bulging with so many information to absorb.

My husband helped…

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